Find The Page Template Name In A WordPress Theme

While developing a custom WordPress theme recently I found myself in a situation where I needed to find out the name of the WordPress page template being used for the current page. After searching the WordPress Codex I had found the code which enables you to check the page template by using a string comparison … Read more

Protecting Yourself From Email Harvesters & Spam Email

None of us like getting an inbox full of spam mail and there are a few ways to show your email address on your website that can go some way towards fooling email harvesters. One way is to replace the chracters in your addres with words. For example would be shown as emily {at} … Read more

Moo Rounded Corner Business Cards

I’ve recently produced two sets of rounded corner business cards and had them printed by the ever brilliant This particular set were made for the hen party for a good friend of mine and the theme of the hen party was ‘Barbie’ – she has had so many hobbies over the years that it … Read more

Custom Widget Checkboxes Not Staying Checked

During the process of writing a few custom widgets for a custom WordPress theme I found a frustrating problem when using a checkbox as one of the widget options. The checkbox was functioning properly but when it was checked and then the widget options saved it was being unchecked. The answer is really simple but … Read more

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Computer

There is nothing like learning the hard way when it comes to backing up your computer. That’s what I did 5 years ago when I tripped over the cable of my laptop and watched it bounce on the tiled floor, as bits of keyboard rolled across the kitchen. On picking it up the screen flickered, … Read more