How to decode a JWT token in .Net Core (C#)

Whilst building an API in .Net Core 3.1 recently I needed to decode a JWT token that we received from an authentication service. Here is a step by step guide explaining how to decode the JWT token in a .Net core application, in C#. Install the System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt Nuget Package Add using directive to C# file … Read more

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How to remove an item from a C# List

I’ve already written about how to add or insert an item to a C# List, but what about if you want to remove an item from a C# List? In this post I’ll provide examples showing how to remove a string from a list, remove an integer from a list, and how to remove a … Read more

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How to sort a C# List

Further to my post all about adding items to a C# list, this post will cover how to sort a C# List, including examples of sorting a C# list of strings or integers, and how to sort custom type lists. You may be trying to sort a C# list of custom objects and be receiving … Read more

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How to setup logging in ASP.Net Core and Azure

I hadn’t had to set logging up for a while in any .Net project and then I was faced with a .NET core API project and a requirement for logging both locally and in an Azure deployment environment. .Net core has built in support for logging, but be aware that it does not support logging … Read more

.Net Core Visual Studio git ignore bin and obj folders

I’ve been building a .Net Core API recently and after getting the repo set up I realised there was a problem. The bin and obj folders had been pushed to the remote branch, so once our build was kicked off, it was failing. It transpires that there’s an issue with the Visual Studio git ignore … Read more