Custom mugs – “You’re on mute” for Zoom meetings

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2020 has been a long year for us all, and most of us have spent an awful lot of time on Zoom meetings. That seems especially strange when you think this time last year many of us hadn’t even heard of it! Most of us have had to tell colleagues and friends “You’re on mute” hundreds of times in some cases, while silently eye rolling, and as the months have rolled by I’d been mulling over 2 things:

1. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a custom mug with “You’re on MUTE” printed on it, and …

2. is it ok to day drink if it’s in a mug? Kidding! Although there have been days when it’s been tempting!!

Anyway, I had to scratch the itch, and had also been intending to set up some kind of print on demand shop this year. So I’ve quickly created this custom mug which I will be merrily drinking my tea (see!) out of during Zoom meetings in 2021. Click here if you want to buy one too.

Print on demand mugs

I’ve had a few ideas over the years of things I’d like to get printed, both for myself and also to turn into saleable products, so I’ve been wanting to learn about Print on Demand services for a while. Having just dipped my toe in the water I’m intending to write a blog post about the topic in 2021. For this mug I’ve used as after a bit of google searching and some quick test on a couple of websites it was the one that seemed to offer the best and quickest set up experience. I’ve ordered one of my Zoom mugs to test the process, so now I’ll wait for it to arrive….

Custom mugs uk

However I’d really like to find a UK custom mugs supplier so I’ll keep researching to see what I can find. Of course if you can recommend one then let me know!

Traditional Marketing – leaflet design & print for a client

Client Focus, Design

We recently were asked to design and print a double sided A5 leaflet for one of our long standing clients. As well as doing online marketing and SEO for them they wanted to do some traditional marketing too, so we designed this marketing brochure for them to deliver to their potential block management clients.

We then managed the print process for them and delivered the finished brochures to them this week.

Google fonts with a beautiful ampersand – what’s up with Baskerville?

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I spent some time recently working on a couple of website designs that could really use a little design flourish, and I thought styling the ampersand would be just enough. Looking back to an old bit of code I knew you could usee CSS to style your special ameprsands, render them in Baskerville styled in Italic and hey presto….. wait what? This doesn’t look so good anymore, what the heck is up with Baskerville.

After trawling the web for a while I *think* I have found the answer – Baskerville is now called ‘Libre Baskerville’ in the Google font library, so changing your css font-family reference from “Baskerville” to “Libre Baskerville” fixed it up. For a couple of great references on styling beautiful ampersands I’d recommend these resources.

My Top 30 Fonts with the Sexiest Ampersands

Moo Rounded Corner Business Cards


I’ve recently produced two sets of rounded corner business cards and had them printed by the ever brilliant This particular set were made for the hen party for a good friend of mine and the theme of the hen party was ‘Barbie’ – she has had so many hobbies over the years that it made us think of “Party Barbie”, “Hiking Barbie”, “Drinking Barbie” – you get the picture.

Trump Cards rounded corner business cardsI saw a fantastic graphic over at Graphic River and thought we could put together a fun set of trump cards for each of her Barbie personas and this was the result.

It was a fantastic hen weekend and the Barbie theme went down a storm! If you’d like a novelty set of cards designed contact us today for a quote.

If you want to set up your own account and start ordering your own fabulous business cards go and say hi to to start the process.