How to change the Material UI Appbar background color

change material ui appbar background colour

Every now and again you come across one of those tasks as a coder that should take 2 seconds of your time and yet somehow manages to take half a day. Trying to change the Material UI Appbar color was one of those today. The answer though, as ever, is very simple, but finding the … Read more

How to setup logging in ASP.Net Core and Azure

I hadn’t had to set logging up for a while in any .Net project and then I was faced with a .NET core API project and a requirement for logging both locally and in an Azure deployment environment. .Net core has built in support for logging, but be aware that it does not support logging … Read more

Delete local branches in git that don’t track a remote

The way our team manage git branches is to create a new feature branch at the remote end, then we do a git pull and switch to the new feature branch locally. Next we do our development work, commit and push those changes. Finally we merge the reviewed code into a central remote branch. All … Read more

Git Bash – what is it? And a few useful tips

It’s such a strange name…. before you read any further, I’m presuming that you know what git is. So you know what the ‘git’ bit of the name stands for, but how about ‘bash’? Bash is an acronym for Bourne Again Shell. Huh? What’s a shell?! A shell is a terminal application that enables you to run … Read more

React JS example to get data from an API

So many projects require that you use data from an API, so here is a React JS example of how to do just that. I’ll cover how to use fetch to interact with the API, how to get data from the API, and how to use .env files to securely store environment specific properties. I … Read more