How to decode a JWT token in .Net Core (C#)

Whilst building an API in .Net Core 3.1 recently I needed to decode a JWT token that we received from an authentication service. Here is a step by step guide explaining how to decode the JWT token in a .Net core application, in C#. Install the System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt Nuget Package Add using directive to C# file … Read more

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Moving a WordPress website – a Cloudways hosting review

I’d been hosting my site with Siteground for a number of years and in all honesty had a really good experience with them. However I’d been thinking about starting a new site and didn’t want to have to immediately double my hosting spend. I knew if I moved my website to Cloudways I’d be paying … Read more

How to remove an item from a C# List

I’ve already written about how to add or insert an item to a C# List, but what about if you want to remove an item from a C# List? In this post I’ll provide examples showing how to remove a string from a list, remove an integer from a list, and how to remove a … Read more

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How to check if a string contains a substring in Javascript

To remove text from a string in javascript, you’ll first need to know how to check if the string contains the substring or character. I’ll start by explaining how to find out if the string contains the other substring, and then we will remove the substring from the main string, all using Javascript. For instance … Read more

Using Material UI icons in React

Following on from my post about changing the Material UI Appbar background colour, here is a tutorial on using Material UI Icons in a React app. Before we dive into the detail I’m presuming that you’ve created a React app already, so once you are ready to start focusing on using icons in your Material … Read more

How to switch branch in git

If you’re fairly new to git and you’ve found this post, you probably know how to clone a git repo, and now you’re wondering how to switch branches. When you clone the repo you’ll generally start out on the main/master branch, and now you want to change to a feature branch before you start coding. … Read more

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How to sort a C# List

Further to my post all about adding items to a C# list, this post will cover how to sort a C# List, including examples of sorting a C# list of strings or integers, and how to sort custom type lists. You may be trying to sort a C# list of custom objects and be receiving … Read more

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