How to initialize a C# list, with code examples

how to initialize a C# list

If you are coding in C# then you can be pretty certain at some point you’ll need to use a C# List. This post will teach you how to initialize a C# list. How to initialise a C# List A C# List is a collection of strongly typed objects, and in order to use it … Read more

How to remove an item from a C# List

I’ve already written about how to add or insert an item to a C# List, but what about if you want to remove an item from a C# List? In this post I’ll provide examples showing how to remove a string from a list, remove an integer from a list, and how to remove a … Read more

How to sort a C# List

Further to my post all about adding items to a C# list, this post explains how to sort a C# List. I’ll include code examples of sorting a C# list of strings or integers, and will explain how to sort custom type lists. You may be trying to sort a C# list of custom objects … Read more