A Weekend Working With Hondas Cultural Engineers


I spent last weekend working with 22 other developers and creatives from around the country and most of Hondas Cultural Engineers. It was a privilege to be involved in this fantastic event – ‘Power Of Minds’ run by Rewired State and Honda’s Dream Factory.

My team (Matthew Applegate, Sym Roe, Kevin Fong, Emily Christy) came up with BikeAlert which was one of 4 projects to be selected to go forward for public voting. We won the design category and will shortly be available for the public to vote for it to receive some funding from Honda to take the idea further. In a nutshell this was our design concept.

  • Each year over 40% of the many cycling accidents (many fatal) can be attributed to a single problem – a large vehicle turning left and being unaware of a cyclist in their blind spot.
  • BikeAlert aims to solve this problem.

Each bike would be fitted with a tiny transmitter uniquely encoded to only interact with the BikeAlert receivers. The receiver (in the vehicle) can see the signal and knows a bike is is very close and potentially in a dangerous position.

Sensors take over for further positional data along with integration with on board speakers for further positional information which crucially is not distracting for the driver. The receiver would also tie in with road accident data to provide simple but vital warnings to the driver.


We won a prize from Honda to try and develop the idea further! When there is more news we will update this blog.