backing up

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Computer


There is nothing like learning the hard way when it comes to backing up your computer. That’s what I did 5 years ago when I tripped over the cable of my laptop and watched it bounce on the tiled floor, as bits of keyboard rolled across the kitchen. On picking it up the screen flickered, then showed me the blue screen of death, closely followed by nothing. Absolutely nothing.

To cut a long story short I enlisted the help of a professional data recovery company but they couldn’t recover a thing so I lost every single thing on my laptop included some incredibly sentimental photos that I could never replace. So lesson learned I bought a new laptop and decided the first thing I should do was get regular backups set up.

The only backups I’d ever heard of at that point were the ones that copied selected files and folders once a week onto an external hard disk drive. I don’t remember where I first heard about Backblaze but one way or another I stumbled upon their website and signed up for the free trial of their online backups system.

After the easy installation my computer was being backed up, while I worked. And it wasn’t being backed up once a day it was being backed up all the time. Anytime I buy a new computer now the first thing I do is install Backblaze. For simple backups for small businesses I really can’t recommend it enough.

Go and take a look for yourself.