SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

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Paying for a new website but not budgeting for up to three months online marketing is comparable to having a professional brochure designed and printed only to leave it in a box – it just doesn’t make sense. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, the process of identifying the key words and phrases that you would like your website to appear in the search results for. Our managed SEO campaigns aim to give you the best possible ‘natural’ ranking for your key traffic terms in search engines such as Google. These are designed to drive the maximum level of traffic to your website and sales to your business, with a budget tailored to your target market as well as what you can reasonably budget for.[/service]
[onehalf centered_text=”false” last=”true”][service icon_size=”small” icon_type=”icon-star” icon_color=”aqua” title=”Visitor Statistics”]Of course once you’ve started your online marketing campaign you’ll want to know how much traffic your website is getting. We use Google Analytics to measure website traffic and configure it to track document downloads, segmented marketing campaign traffic and ecommerce tracking where relevant. You will find out where your visitors are located, how they found your website and what they did once they got there – invaluable when analysing your marketing budgets.[/service][/onehalf]


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