How to switch branch in git

If you’re fairly new to git and you’ve found this post, you probably know how to clone a git repo, and now you’re wondering how to switch branches. When you clone the repo you’ll generally start out on the main/master branch, and now you want to change to a feature branch before you start coding. … Read more

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How to sort a C# List

Further to my post all about adding items to a C# list, this post will cover how to sort a C# List, including examples of sorting a C# list of strings or integers, and how to sort custom type lists. You may be trying to sort a C# list of custom objects and be receiving … Read more

Using React Bootstrap icons

use bootstrap react icons

Following on from my post about making buttons using React and Bootstrap, here is a tutorial on using React Bootstrap Icons. Before we dive into the detail I am presuming that you have created a React app already, so once you are ready to start focusing on using icons in your Bootstrap React app you’ll … Read more

How to resolve merge conflicts in git

Recently I’ve been working on a project that uses Azure DevOps as the remote repo, but Azure DevOps does not include any way to resolve merge conflicts in Git remotely. What you can do is deal with the merge conflicts locally so I’ll include the instructions as to how to do that here, and this … Read more

How to change the Material UI Appbar background color

change material ui appbar background colour

Every now and again you come across one of those tasks as a coder that should take 2 seconds of your time and yet somehow manages to take half a day. Trying to change the Material UI Appbar color was one of those today. The answer though, as ever, is very simple, but finding the … Read more

How to setup logging in ASP.Net Core and Azure

I hadn’t had to set logging up for a while in any .Net project and then I was faced with a .NET core API project and a requirement for logging both locally and in an Azure deployment environment. .Net core has built in support for logging, but be aware that it does not support logging … Read more