Gradle Exception and setting the Flutter SDK path

When setting up Firebase to use with a Flutter app you will need to find your apps application id and get an SHA1 certificate. During this process you will need to open the build.gradle file of your Flutter project in Android Studio and you may need to change the flutter SDK path. You may encounter … Read more

Flutter bottom navigation bar example

flutter bottom navigation bar

After searching google for examples of Flutter navigation, more specifically the bottom navigation bar I was a bit stumped. Several of the examples I found would show the bottom navigation bar on one page but not persist it across all pages, and that wasn’t what I was after. Eventually I stumbled upon this excellent article … Read more

Getting started with the Flutter app example on Windows

get started with flutter on Windows PC

I started developing mobile apps with Xamarin, and since then have also built mobile apps using React Native and Expo. I’ve been hearing more and more about Flutter and recently had a use case while building an app that couldn’t be done in Expo without ejecting to bare React Native, and also couldn’t easily be … Read more