What is git ORIGIN & the git remote add command?

Git really does include some strange names, commands and terminology, and certain words crop up regularly whose meaning is not obvious. In this post I’ll explain as clearly as possible what ORIGIN is in Git. I’ll also explain some related commands such as git remote add origin. Once you’ve created your local repo and done … Read more

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How to use React Bootstrap Card

how to use react bootstrap card component

After writing a post about using Bootstrap with React Forms, and then following up with a post explaining how to use Bootstrap React icons, this post will explain how to use the React Card component with Bootstrap. I’ll include code several examples showing different React Bootstrap cards, and will show how to change the background … Read more

How to initialize a C# list, with code examples

how to initialize a C# list

If you are coding in C# then you can be pretty certain at some point you’ll need to use a C# List. This post will teach you how to initialize a C# list. How to initialise a C# List A C# List is a collection of strongly typed objects, and in order to use it … Read more

npm WARN exec – package was not found: create-react-app

Have you tried to create a new React app using npx create-react-app and then seen this error message in your console of your choice? Then you might be wondering what the problem is. It means that the package create-react-app is not installed, or at least not available from the directory you are in. However, the … Read more

How to see a list of staged changes in Git

When you’ve made a lot of changes to a lot of files in your git repo, and you have them staged, you may very well want to check the lost of files that you’ve staged before you commit those changes to the repo. You might not want to see untracked files in the list, just … Read more

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How to decode a JWT token in .Net Core (C#)

Whilst building an API in .Net Core 3.1 recently I needed to decode a JWT token that we received from an authentication service. Here is a step by step guide explaining how to decode the JWT token in a .Net core application, in C#. Install the System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt Nuget Package Add using directive to C# file … Read more

Moving a WordPress website – a Cloudways hosting review

I’d been hosting my site with Siteground for a number of years and in all honesty had a really good experience with them. However I’d been thinking about starting a new site and didn’t want to have to immediately double my hosting spend. I knew if I moved my website to Cloudways I’d be paying … Read more

How to search for a string or object in an array in Javascript

Following up my recent post which explains how to find a substring in a string in JavaScript, this post will be dealing with searching for a string or an object in a js array. It’s pretty common to have to search through an array to find a particular string when you’re working with JavaScript. For … Read more

How to remove an item from a C# List

I’ve already written about how to add or insert an item to a C# List, but what about if you want to remove an item from a C# List? In this post I’ll provide examples showing how to remove a string from a list, remove an integer from a list, and how to remove a … Read more